Thanksgiving 2013

Pretty thankful for this family. [


I’m upgrading from Wordpress to Kirby. Mostly because I’m fickle, but also because my Wordpress installation was hacked and that makes me nervous about running a simple little blog on software that’s such a large target and where the source is so difficult for me to understand. Kirby makes it really easy for me to have my content in a format that’s clear and easily… [read more →]

Book a Week - 2011


Well, I didn’t fulfill my goal of reading a book each week this past year, in fact I didn’t even beat my number from 2010, but I did read several books this year as a result of the bookaweek challenge. I’ve listed them below in case you are keeping track or are just here looking for something good to read. Gasoline by Quim Monzó HTML5 For Web Designers by Jeremy Keith The Girl … [read more →]